A family vacation is in the works...


BUT…our kids love the water! They tagged along with me to the Epidemics meeting when it was in Clearwater Beach, Florida and although our youngest was only an infant, our oldest really loved the beach and pool!

So…when I saw a great deal on a trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba I decided to stop procrastinating and just booked it. After doing so, I promptly freaked out that I had made a major terrible mistake but I am now back to feeling optimistic about it.

…wish us luck!

Every year we discuss the idea of trying out an all-inclusive resort for a winter family vacation. I stalk the online booking sites for long periods of time looking for last minute trips that are a reasonable price and we debate the pros and cons over and over. Each year we repeat this process until the price jumps up and then we talk ourselves out of it.


BUT…now we are all booked and I am scrambling around trying to get ready for the start of the semester and also pack and organize all of our stuff in secret because we have decided not to tell the kids we are going.

Like all kids, they get super crazy when they know that something exciting is happening so we have decided to just pack on the sly and get them up to get on the plane at the last minute. This is our first time travelling to an all-inclusive so wish us luck!

I have been stalking parenting blogs that will hopefully tell me everything I need to know about this type of vacation but if you have any suggestions hit me up with your best recommendations in the comments below.

Stay tuned as I document the insanity of trying to pull this off as well as a future blog post discussing where we ended up in Cuba, the good, the bad, and my overall thoughts on whether I would do it all again (my fingers are crossed that the answer will be yes!).