Travel Packing cubes...can they turn me into a packing ninja?


I have to admit that up until about a month ago I wondered what all of the hype was in regards to packing cubes. Yes, I had read about them on travel blogs and seen them in our local Winners store but they always seemed like a bit of a weird item to spend money on. For some reason, in my head I saw them as more for camping or backpacking. When I was an undergraduate student backpacking in Europe with my best friend, I could have used some travel cubes to jam all of my stuff into a tight package and then shove it into a larger bag. This would certainly leave more room for other important items like delicious food (or a box of wine) but for a suitcase? I was not sold.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 5.22.43 PM.png

Then, I saw an Amazon listing for a set of travel cubes and it was a great price ($27.88 CAD) for a bunch of different sizes. I decided to give it a go for my upcoming trip to Thailand where I was going to attend an academic conference that would require some creative packing to get everything I wanted to pack into my bag. It turns out that I LOVE travel cubes and am now a convert.

This trip to Thailand was a challenge because I was going to need a full 5 days worth of “work clothes” + workout and swimwear. I was also planning to stay after the conference for 2 extra days of sightseeing so I needed comfortable casual clothes that could hold up to some seriously sweaty weather. I was also going to need multiple pairs of shoes, a smaller crossbody bag for evening dinners, a sunhat and toiletries. Add in a travel first aid kit (that I never travel internationally without) and my suitcase was getting fuller by the minute. Travel cubes to the rescue (and I can’t believe how amazingly organized they made me feel). I had become a packing ninja! I still ended up taking a bunch of stuff I didn’t use at all (like my rain jacket, and a jean jacket) but in general, I would say it was a success! I am planning an upcoming outfit post regarding what exactly I packed for this trip soon so stay tuned.